2021 Events

• February 13, 2021

In Search of Heer

The author of the book Manjul Bajaj will be in conversation with Anjana Sharma Kapooria.
About the author-
Manjul Bajaj worked in the field of environment and rural development before she became a writer. She is the author of Come, Before Evening Falls (shortlisted for the Hindu Literary Prize in 2010) and Another Man’s Wife (shortlisted for the Hindu Literary Prize in 2013). She has also written two books for children—Elbie’s Quest and Nargisa’s Adventures. Her recent novel In Search of Heer has been longlisted for the Mathrubhumi Book of the Year 2020 prize and the JCB prize 2020 and shortlisted for the Times of India AutHer award and the Atta Galatta Bangalore Literature Festival prize. Her latest work is Locked Down, a collection of micro poems on her experience of the lockdown.

• March 8, 2021

A Story of Every Women

An evening of self-curated poems portraying the women of the modern world. The renowned writers carried on the charisma throughout. The speakers of the event were Malashri Lal, Lakshmi Kanan, Veena Sinha, Rekha Sethi & Rajula Shah. The esteemed invitee was our chairperson Ranjana Argade and the moderator was Sulabha Dixit.

• March 14, 2021

Murder at moonlight cafe & other stories

A book discussion between Ishavasyam Dash, author of the book ‘Murder at Moonlight Cafe and other stories’ and her father, P.K. Dash. Join them as they discuss ideas, inspiration, the process of writing and more.

About the author-
Ishavasyam is a Marketer and works with startups in Bangalore. Besides weaving tall tales, she loves reading, making digital art, and playing board games.

About the book-
The book is a collection of eleven short stories that will transport you to the myriad worlds of magic realism and murder, mythology and horror, millennial mania and post-modern angst. With unusual themes and strong woman portrayals; this book promises to provoke and entertain in equal measure.

• March 21, 2021

With Rhyme or Without

A scintillating session on World Poetry Day to discuss poetry, its genres, language and the beauty & dynamics of its translations. Our speakers were from India and New York and shared their ideas too. Our speakers were impressed with different styles of poetry. Enjoyed the art of Haiku, some simple and self intriguing and Italian Poetry and much more.
The session was Moderated by Ruchi Goyal.

• April 10, 2021

Literati Inkpad

Published the magazine ‘Literati Inkpad’. Writers and readers came together in collective celebration and pleasures of appreciating life, literature and arts in the pages of this quarterly.
The launch was inaugurated by Dr Malashri Lal.

Link to the digital magazine: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZsKsQmYJOnbOlTAw4-cxwfOt2Xeycv5n/view?usp=sharing

• May 26, 2021

Bisat par jugnu

The novel Bisat-par Jugnu travels across time and geography. Re-live the reality of people in India and China during the period 1840-1910 with us.
And Dwell into India’s multiculturalism and China’s grandeur is constantly threatened by English Imperialism.
In the 21st century, a young woman from China visits India to discover a close connection of lineage that existed in the past and the story of trade and cultural relations unfolds.
The novel talks about humanity and a beyond borders connection of love.

• June 12, 2021

How to be an author in 7 days

Self-Publishing platforms are the Genies. In this book, he shares the secrets of summoning them to do your bidding. You got to learn the mantra, though. This book tells you how to.

He was motivated to write this book to share with the readers his discovery of self-publishing and how he learnt it from scratch and published 8 books in 6 months.

• June 20, 2021

Kisse Kahani – Lokesh Gulyani ki zubani

Hindi writer Lokesh Gulyani narrated three of his stories depicting the adventures and troubles of today’s relationships at an online storytelling session. The stories he narrated were ‘Hum Prem Mein Hai’, ‘Rezhu ki Dulli’ & ‘Nothing’.

 • July 4, 2021

She – by Mahak Chowdhury

A poetic evening filled with the stimulating poems about ‘SHE’ by Mahak Chowdhury at our ‘Young Authors Speak Series.

She is a fresher to the archetype of beauty, that lies in hourglass-like bodies but not in timeless inner geniality.”She always keeps her words to herself buried in her brown diary. As she comes face to face with the rules of society, will she be able to finally learn to love herself?

• July 11, 2021

The Undermined Fallacies -by Karoleena Pillai

The book discussion on the novel “The Undermined Fallacies” with the author Karoleena Pillai in conversation with Ms Ruchi Goyal.
We all talk about our success but do we talk about our failures? Little do we know it’s the failures that build us and make us who we are today. The importance of failure is undermined and there are so many expectations. The relation of the book is in direct connection with what students face in their day-to-day lives.

•July 18, 2021

Launch of A Handful of Purple Sky – by Mridula Bajpai

Club Literati and Amaryllis publishing conducted the event via Zoom.

When faced with adversity, human beings can either break or rise from the ashes. The book is about her experienced journey as a resilient woman who woke up one morning to the terrible news that she had breast cancer.

• July 26, 2021

Literati Inkpad- A Literature & Arts Quarterly second edition of the magazine 

An evening dedicated to filmmaker Satyajit Ray in his centenary year. The second issue of the quarterly is our special tribute to the multidimensionality of the genius. Filmmaker and former faculty at FTTI Rajula Shah will be the guest speaker.

Here’s the link for the digital copy:


For the Physical copy, you can mail us Ourclubliterati@gmail.com

Or direct message us on Instagram https://instagram.com/club_literati_?utm_medium=copy_link

• August 1, 2021

Allergen-Free Cooking – by Wajida Ayub & Eram S. Rao

A book discussion on Allergen-Free Cooking to share about food science & nutrition. It is probably one of the first books from India which has been conceptualised as a self-help guide for those with food allergies and intolerances. These are tried and tested recipes that are not only free from allergens but also tell us about nutritional requirements.

• August 27, 2021

Book Discussion on Klara and the Sun.

With the perfect duo of book critics! Anshu Vaish and Nidhi Agarwal Also, the compilers of Inkpad’s off the shelf section.

About the book-

A literary science fiction novel told through the eyes of Klara, an android.

Klara and the Sun tell the story of Klara, a companion robot (called an “AF” or “Artificial Friend”). Told through Klara’s eyes, the book opens with her in the store, waiting to be purchased. She eventually goes home with a sweet but sick girl named Josie and her mother.

As Klara learns about the world around her, Ishiguro reveals to us a semi-dystopian world in the not too distant future. And Klara finds herself discovering truths about people, difficult decisions they must make, and the complexities of love.

• September 1, 2021
Sur Phuhar – A soulful musical evening

Performed by Dr Neena Shrivastava and her team at bhojpur club on celebrating Club Literati’s 9th anniversary.

• September 5, 2021

Being Director with Rajula Shah

The teachers day was celebrated by a discussion on short films made by first-time directors and one was streamed live on the zoom meeting.
The 13 curated shorts were made as part of the film mentoring programme Being Director conducted by Rajula Shah for FTII (online) in April-May 2021.
All films here are made by first time directors, most of whom have never handled a camera before, neither recorded sound nor edited.
The student filmmakers were present to share their experiences and respond to viewers.

Here are the links to watch:

Being Director A

Being Director B


Please reach out at https://instagram.com/club_literati_?utm_medium=copy_link to give feedback.

• September 13, 2021

संतोष चौबे का कथा संसार – हिंदी दिवस

कहानी यथार्थ का चित्रण नहीं होती है। कहानी यथार्थ का भाष्य होती है। मेरी कहानियां आज के समय का एक अलग तरह से भाष्य प्रस्तुत करती हैं। नए आधार तलाशने पड़ते है, बहुत कम शब्द खर्च करते हुए पाठकों के सामने दृश्य खड़े हो जाएं वही कहानी श्रेष्ठ होती है। यह कहना था वरिष्ठ कवि कथाकार संतोष चौबे का वे क्लब लिटराटी द्वारा कथा संसार में अपने विचार को व्यक्त किया भोजपुर क्लब में।

• September 25, 2021

A Virtual Discussion with Abhijit Basu on ‘Indian Culture: Its Roots, Continuity, and Abiding Relevance.’

He is a published author and one-time CSIR research scientist from Calcutta University.

About the event-

The talk session would cover the facets of India as a ‘continuous civilisation’ from the Indus Valley times through Vedic, Epic and Puranic ages.

Based on Basu’s two works — a 2020 book titled ‘Perpetual India: Tale of a Timeless People,’ and another new one (presently with the Publisher) titled: ‘Rethinking India’s Myths, Legends, and Traditions.’

• October 23, 2021

A motivational session and conversation with Hetal Sonpal at Bhojpur club.

Moderator- Manish Rajoria

About the Author
Born in Bhopal, Hetal Sonpal is a dynamic business leader with more than two decades in the tech industry. An alumnus of NMIMS, Mumbai, Hetal has worked in senior management roles across Asia for Wipro, Microsoft, Linked In and Intel. Hetal is a startup evangelist and Regional Mentor of Change for Niti Aayog.

He is also a motivational speaker, a voracious reader and an avid marathoner.

About the book:

Kishore V. Sonpal, the author’s father’s life depicts the triumph of hope over adversity.

Influenced by Gandhi Ji and Swami Vivekananda, he lived his life on the principles of simplicity and truthfulness. After five decades of professional life, he joined a start-up in his fifties; and helped sharpen young minds in his seventies. The book inspires to face challenges in times of adversities.

• October 30, 2021

An insightful session on The Alchemy of Hypnosis- ‘The Engineering & Re-Engineering of the Human Software: THE MIND’
By Trisha Kaushik
At Swami Vivekanand Library, Bhopal.

Trisha is an engineering graduate from MANIT, Bhopal. She got inspired to pursue an education in Clinical Hypnotherapy, the successful completion of which was followed up with setting up her own Clinic – ‘ANAHATA – Look Deeper’.
She is also a certified therapist in Access Bars – a lesser-known yet very interesting and effective healing modality.

The talk shall open the doors to the world of the subconscious mind (SCM) which is 6000 times more powerful than the conscious mind, yet its potential remains greatly untapped by us, and would tell us how it can be reprogrammed in order to live a life of our dreams!

•November 9, 2021

श्रीमती शशिप्रभा जी की सृजनात्मक यात्रा पर बातचीत।

श्रीमती शशिप्रभा श्रीवास्तव हमारे समय की बेहद महत्वपूर्ण साहित्यकार हैं। इनकी सृजनात्मक यात्रा में पाँच विभिन्न पुस्तकों के प्रकाशन के अलावा सूखे फूल पत्तों से चित्रकारी करना शामिल रहा। प्रभा जी को अपने कथा संग्रह के लिए वागीश्वरी सम्मान के साथ ही दुनिया की उन चार महत्वपूर्ण महिलाओं में शामिल माना जाता है जो इस चित्रकारी को विभिन्न रुपों में कर पाईं। वर्ष 2003 में अफेसिया के अटैक के कारण इनका लिखना-पढ़ना बाधित हुआ। क्लब लिटराटी द्वारा आयोजित कार्यक्रम इनके इस सम्मान की शुरुआत है।

•November 14, 2021

Fun between the Lines’, a discussion with Tino De Sa, author of
‘The Curious Case of the Nandikote Nawab’ via zoom.

About the book:

Set in an imaginary rusty town Banpuri in India the backdrop of the Kargil war, the story follows five smart school kids- Nik, Mike, Theeq, Tara and Zee- as they unknowingly find themselves in the midst of strange happenings with Nawab of Nandikote visiting their town to sell his property. Simple and easy to read, ‘The Curious Case of the Nandikote Nawab’ is an intriguing story. Just like Enid Blyton and Famous Five’s tales, this story will take readers on an enthralling adventure.

  • December 5, 2021

A discussion with Sadiqa Peerbhoy on “Mayurkhund” A tale of royal passion, secrets and lies

About the book:
Amaari, a self-possessed PR professional from Mumbai lives a life haunted by nightmares from her past and a deep-rooted commitment phobia. One day she accepts an unexpected invitation to go back to mayurkhund, the land where she grew up, As horrifying secrets about her parents and family tumble out of the closet, will she be able to finally discover the truth?
Set in an exotic, small feudal thikkana of Rajasthan, this romantic thriller keeps you turning the pages as amaari revisits her traumatised childhood.

About the Author: Sadiqa Peerbhoy has been the writer and creative director behind the making of many Indian and global brands. She has been a columnist for three newspapers. She has scripted serials for Doordarshan like Sara Jahan Hamara and Honee Anhonee. Sadiqa has six published books of fiction. Mayurkhund is her seventh book.

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