Better Half: A Play at Shaheed Bhawan

3rd July, 2023: Loss of a partner for aged people can be devastating. This is an age when togetherness matters more than physical attraction . The play Better Half, directed by Mr. Ashish Shrivastav, was such a play where a couple married for 30 long years suddenly faces such a tragedy . The husband, a 65 years old Prashant Chaterji, looses his wife, Sudha Chaterji, because of the carelessness of the doctors at the hospital.Heartbroken, Mr. Chaterji files a case against the hospital. 

The play shows the journey of Prashant Chaterji going through the manoeuvring the changes which the times demands from him .
The play at Shaheed Bhawan, organised by Club Literti, enchanted its audience and kept them all in its grasp till the very last scene. The superb performances by actors and wonderful direction kept audience spell bound and brought tears to many eyes .
The director Mr. Ashish Shrivastav along with the actors and supporting staff were felicitated by the club after the show amidst thundering applause

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