Eudaimonia is characterized by a state of well being, positive and emotions of joy, contentment and happiness. According to Aristotle eudaimonia was used for human good in Greek tradition. It is a combination of happiness, well being and flourishing.This goal of eudaimonia is best achieved by following the virtues and developing a righteous disposition. It is a synonym and a better word than happiness particularly emphasized by Plato and Aristotle.

What is the true key to happiness? Is it success? Is it owning a sprawling bungalow? Is it amassing wealth? Is it owning the amazing car? A person feels erroneously that if he gets everything, above-mentioned he will be happy So he chases and runs for happiness like hamsters on a wheel.

There are three reasons to make people happy.
First is pleasure – deriving from what one likes to do.
Second is engagement-busy in being connected to some activity.
Third is meaning that is holding the belief that what one does, matters. Aristotle defined four layers of eudaimonia.
Laetus- Happiness from material objects.
Felix- Ego gratification.
Beatitude- Happiness derived from doing good to others and making the place a better world.
Sublime beatitude- (To lift up or elevate) This category the most difficult to describe, encompass, a reach for fullness and perfection of happiness. The fullness therefore of goodness, beauty, truth and love. As understood by Christianity, it is not an empty Nirvana, the deadly repose of inactivity. The beatitude is an immense activity springing from knowledge to knowledge, from love to love. A few gifted men know the delight of intellectual discovery, a delight that compensates them for long hard years of mental toil.

An enlightening piece submitted by our one of the most talented members at Club Literati: Dr. Jailaxmi R Vinayak. Dr. Jailaxmi R Vinayak is a writer, poet and singer. Wedded to Olive Green – Brigadier of Indian Army, she is an Ex member of Delhi Poetree’. Recepient of International Women’s Award in 2003, she is also ‘I am Bhopal’. An author of books in Hindi and English, presently she is designated as professor and Guide for ph.D. candidates at Eklavya university.

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