The wait is finally over! Club Literati is organizing the 10th edition of its annual signature event, The Bhopal Shakespeare festival!

This special edition titled ‘ Shakespowerana 2024 ’ will be based on the theme of ‘Power and Politics’.⚔️

The theme is inspired from Shakespearean works as they’re heavily influenced by politics and portray the devastation the desire for acquiring more power can cause! Although based in a different era, the theme is still relevant due to the existing global polity and the power struggle worldwide.

The Bhopal Shakespeare Festival will include a multitude of online and offline events conducted from 18th to 23rd of April including an online quiz, article writing competition, debate, drama, panel discussion. Attractive prizes for all the winners and best performers, and so much more!!

Join us as we indulge in stimulating discussions that go deep within Shakespearean literature and yet beyond, touching our lives!

Stay tuned for further updates! ✨

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